Effects Of Sun On Veneers

Effects Of Sun On Veneers

As we all enjoy a hot and sunny UK summer finally we want to flag up an issue that is often overlooked by clients.

UV light can have a detrimental effect on the colours of veneers. For example Steam Beech if exposed to strong sunlight can fade overnight, bleaching the colour. Conversely American Cherry has the characteristic of darkening in the sunlight.

The effect is more noticeable where shadows are cast over a door in situ. So depending on the orientation of the sun, doors can have stripes or lower levels with differing shades of colour.

Clearly there is little that can be done once in situ other than considering the use of blinds or special glasses in windows. In the factory we make every effort to cover doors when they are not being worked on to prevent this, however once the doors are in use they require some protection.

Please view our data sheet TDS10 which can be located under the ‘Product Guarantee, Door Care and Maintenance’ tab (http://www.nobernedoors.co.uk/downloads) for guidance on doorcare.

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